Petra Musketeers

We are specialized in film services from the beginning to "Action!". We provide ticketing and all kinds of transportation, crew management, all kinds of manpower, safety and security, aerial recording tours, filming and location permissions, audio-visual equipment as needed, traditional customs, and more! We simply make your mission easier and successful.  

Airline and hotel bookings, in addition to all kinds of land transportation.
All kinds of manpower, handymen , technicians extras and guides
Safety & Security
Audio visual equipment rental and light systems.
Obtaining permission to filming in public areas and locations.
We deliver our services in quality and passion
We simply make your mission easier and successful
Traditional costumes
TV. Documentary and magazines Fashion Show and all kind of advertizing service
Secretarial services
Meditation sessions & yoga retreat
Diversified food cuisines
Necessary technical requirements and support
Translators/Interpreters of various languages
Oriental entertainments
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